Monday, May 12, 2008

Bake this. Like, now.

Ok people, so you know I love to bake. And over the past few years, as I've expanded that hobby quite a bit, I've made lots (and I mean LOTS) of cakes. And strangely enough, I am slowly but surely shedding my pregnancy weight in spite of this pasttime. But anyway, I was drafted to whip up a cake for a Mother's Day celebration yesterday, and decided to try my hand at a recipe I randomly came across at Velvet Lava. Ann's description of her Red Velvet cake had me very intrigued indeed. I've never been, like, blown away by a red velvet cake, but I wanted to pick something different.

Oh. My. GOSH. This one blew me right over and knocked me out. Quite honestly, not only one of the best cakes I've ever made, but one of the very best I've ever tasted. The texture is sheer perfection, the flavor is outstanding, and the icing - ohhhh the icing - is a delightful departure from a traditional buttercream or cream cheese variety, and instead comes out as a mild, almost pudding-like, vanilla fluff that compliments the cake flawlessly. This one is flying to the top of my favorites list!

Red Velvet Cake & Icing - at Velvet Lava

If you like to bake...or eat...I recommend that you drop whatever you're doing and go make this. Immediately.

Seriously, go.


Jules said...

Oh yeah baby, that looks gooooooood!!!!! I am bookmarking that, I am out of shortening, but it is on my list now because I *need* to make that cake!

Thank you!!

Ann said...

Well, aren't you just lovely for posting this? I am so glad you adored this cake - because - as you can tell, we are bonkers for it. I don't take my sweets lightly, and I bake 1-2 times a week for my blog...but this family recipe for the Red Velvet...sigh...crazy good, crazy! :)

Thanks for lovin' it,

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I love/hate you for this.

hee hee

Must try soon. I have to get red food color first!

Anonymous said...

I need to make Robbie a birthday cake this week! This could be the one! Do you have to use the food colouring? I'm not keen on it...would it taste the same if you left it out?

Laura said...

Suzy - I think it would be fine! Just maybe add the equivalent amount of water to make the paste with the cocoa powder. Hope you love it!!