Thursday, January 27, 2011

I think we can assume that "Baby, Baby" was inspired by elves.

I’m nothing if not consistent in my inconsistent blogging. It’s incredibly annoying, I realize.


So, for some reason, Noah has had a post-Christmas obsession with the holiday tune, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”. Possibly because he understands the lyrics to say, “Walkin’ around the Christmas tree...”, which gives him the opportunity to strut deliberately around the room to the beat of the music, as if circling an imaginary tree.

We have a few versions of this song in iTunes (why? not sure.), and I always call up the Bobby Rydell arrangement when it’s requested. Yesterday, after Noah enjoyed his laps of rhythmic walkin’ around nothing in particular, he frowned and told me, “I want Mrs. Claus.” Since I’m quite used to the confusion brought on by random three-year-old whims, I automatically began to search my brain for the answer to the riddle. “Mrs. Claus? I’m not sure what you mean, Noah...” There was a song from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer playing now. Was Mrs. Claus in that movie? Yes, I think she was...I remember her squawking at Santa to put on some weight to fill out the red suit. But did she have a song? And come to think of it, has Noah even seen that movie?

“Mommy! I want Mrs. Claus. Please?”

Ok, he pulled out the magic word. Still trying to figure this out. “Mrs. Claus....does she sing a song, honey? How does the song go?”

Immediately, he jumped off of my lap and started his jolly pace around the room, singing his high-pitched, “Walkin’ awound the Cwismas twee...”

Um, ok. What does this have to do with Mrs. Claus? Finally, I had to admit defeat. “I'm sorry, Noah. I’m not sure which song you’re talking about.”

And then, the slightly exasperated voice of the wise big sister spoke up from her coloring book. “He means the one where the lady sings it.”

The one where the lady sings it? Wait a minute...does he think....?

Yes, yes he does.

He thinks Amy Grant is Mrs. Claus, and he is requesting her version of his favorite Christmas song.


I’m guessing he’s preferential to “Silver Bells” as covered by the three wise men, as opposed to the abominable snowman’s less-jazzy take.